Like Water For Chocolate By Laura Esquivel

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Like Water for Chocolate Essay Recognizing personal strengths and weaknesses is part of the ongoing process of bettering ourselves. In the novel, Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel, she explains the strengths and weaknesses over the character named Tita De la Garza. Within the context, Laura Esquivel develops Tita’s emotions through feminists. Tita is the novel’s protagonist, struggles her needs for belonging and security. As well as her desires for adventure, sex, and liberation. In Like Water for Chocolate, it simply explains that there is no such thing as a good or bad woman. Every woman in different in their own unique way. Laura Esquivel explains that women are capable of a variety of complex and often contrary emotions
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For example, in the novel, she states “It wasn’t easy for a person whose knowledge was based on the kitchen to comprehend the outside world.” The kitchen for Tita is the only place she can express herself and let out her emotions with no shame in herself, a place where she can feel freedom away from everybody. Cooking is one of the things that keeps Tita to go on with life, it is her passion. When Tita was going through dramatic situations in her life she used cooking as one her strengths to help her to be strong. In the article “Feminism in Like Water for Chocolate” it states, it is through food that Tita both compares and understands her own emotional and physical state. This statement explains to the readers that Tita can only figure out her emotions when it comes to the kitchen and cooking. Cooking to Tita is important because she entered the world right there on the kitchen table amid the smells of simmering noodle soup, thyme, bay leaves, and cilantro. Cooking become a huge impact on Tita life because she felt like she can only express herself when it came to cooking. Just in the same way, Tita had another strength that attributed to her which includes, the long-lasting love she has for people. In the novel, the author Laura Esquivel explains how Tita is a person who is nurturing and self-sacrificing. For examples, in the novel she states,” the baby’s cries filled all the empty space in Tita’s heart. She realized that she was feeling a new love; for life, for this
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