Limitations Of Living In Life

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Many antagonists in movies claim immortality is one of life’s hidden treasures and thus strive to achieve it. We are a long way from immortality, but we are starting to grow and exceed our current life expectancy. In this scenario, our life span is cut in half at age twenty, and we should live to be about one hundred and thirty years old. Life is defined as short and by the time we’re in our twenties we used one third or one fourth of our life span. With more time, people will spend more time enjoying the spoils of living life to its potential. Many changes are sure to occur with the average life of an individual exceeding its limitations such as his/her individuality, their family, and society’s adaptation of social norms to maintain order. I will also talk about the problems I see with extended life expectancies. I would first like to address the rise of individualism and how the new common man/woman would explore within themselves to fulfill their needs and desires. I’m currently on schedule to go to Illinois State and get a bachelors in education. I would also work with the youth in my community and try to further their growth and make sure they stay on track. That may sound a little cliché but most people would live their lives and question if they made the right decisions. If my aging was cut in half then I would personally get multiple degrees in psychology, education, and medicine. The purpose for this is to study humans for the positive and negative outcomes of an

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