Link Between Education And Psychology Essay

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ED4007: In 2000 words explain your understanding of the link between Education and Psychology and how this enables us to be better educators and educated.
Education and psychology are interrelated subjects. In order to explain the details of this topic, it is very important to define both subjects. The word psychology is from two Greek words ‘psyche ‘and ‘logos’. These two words were joined together to mean ‘mind consciousness and behaviour’.
Therefore Psychology is the logical study of the mind and behaviour.
This assignment is set out to identify the links or relationship between Education and Psychology. It also seeks to demonstrate my understanding of these links and explain how the relationship or link enables better educational experiences for both the educators and the learners (educated). Education is the act or process of imparting or acquiring knowledge, and hence, requires the adjustment of behaviour in a controlled environment. To adjust or to amend the behaviour, It is important to study the science of behaviour. Hence the role of psychology in education. The relationship between education and psychology cannot be over-emphasized.
It is vital to know the developmental stages of every child and their behaviour at every stage in order to be a successful teacher. Therefore every teacher or educator requires the knowledge of psychology to be able to provide the best learning experience to learners.


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