Liquid Biopsy Research Paper

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Liquid Biopsy is DNA sequencing machines are machines that test the blood for cancer, well according to Michael Standaert. Though according to Giuseppe Curigliano, he says Liquid Biopsies are blood tests that look for tumor cells or fragments of tumor DNA. Though liquid biopsy has been a thing technically since 1980-1997, no one knew of it until Natera talked about it recently on Mar. 06, 2016. Though even before that for the past 20 years a Doctor known as Dr. Dennis Lo has used the a type of liquid biopsy on patients. So no one really knows who made it but it doesn’t mean it will stay a mystery for ever.
Like I said before, because no one knows who made it really, we can’t necessarily pinpoint it to where it was created or when though from the research i’ve done, it has been 20 years someone knew of it so it was most likely made in the 80’s- 90’s. Well because liquid biopsy helps with finding tumor cells and fragments of it, we can assume that developers saw a need of it to help with finding cancer cells. It doesn’t say how liquid biopsies evolved but we can assume it evolved from previously known info and ways to find if one has cancer or not. That’s what I think caused liquid biopsy to form.
Liquid Biopsies have already been used on people in Hong Kong and
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Meaning that it didn’t tell the whole truth. Though because this is old we can think that everything changed. It takes awhile to perfect something. Say, you want to become a famous writer. Well, you can’t become a famous writer in a year or less, It’s going to take many years to perfect a book or poem you are writing. Well, the same goes for scientists trying to perfect liquid biopsies. So can we really say that it will keep failing? Can we really say it gives false hopes? No. No, we can’t do that. I think we shouldn’t worry about it and let the professionals keep working on perfection liquid
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