Listening The Audio Clip Below. What Would You Do?

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Listen to the audio clip below. What would you do? And Then We Knew This particular audio clip deals with a couple Karen and Don, who had previous genetic tests done that revealed that Don was a carrier for a certain genetic trait that causes retardation. They did not say what trait he was a carrier for just that he was a carrier. Then fast forward, the couple learns there are pregnant and because Don is a carrier for a particular trait I am assuming a well-known cause of mental retardation, they had an Amniocentesis performed to see if the baby had any genetic defects. At this point, I have to assume that both the mother and the father were carriers of this genetic defect. Anyhow, they discovered that the baby had an extra chromosome and would be mentally handicapped. They made a decision that they said was right for them to terminate the baby. Karen felt this made other people uncomfortable and they never talked about what they had done. Essentially, she felt all alone since she did go through a traumatic and difficult experience, but others were afraid to talk about it with her, which I felt she desperately needed to talk to others about it. What would I do? I am unable to get pregnant so it is a moot point as this juncture of my life at the ripe ole age of 41. However, if I were in Karen shoes I would do the same thing that Karen did, have the pregnancy terminated and I too would need to talk about it with others. It would be hard a thing to do; talking about to other

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