Literacy : An Important Skills For A Child

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Madison Wasik
Edu 330 M/W 9:30- 10:45
Literacy Autobiography Literacy is one of the most important skills for a child to learn and acquire. The ability to read and write is needed in most people 's daily life, which is why it is so important for a child to learn these skills while they are young. Everyone 's literacy journeys are a little different, but here is my literacy journey. All throughout my life literacy has played a huge role in my life, even when I didn 't notice it. During my early literacy years, one of my first reading memories was when I was around three or four years old. Every night my mom would take time out of her day to read me a book before bed. This was something I looked forward to every day I loved …show more content…

My second-grade teacher was really good at keeping reading interesting. For example, a couple times each week we would have story time and he would use different puppets to tell the stories. I always used to love those puppets and they really helped me to stay attentive during the whole story time. Second grade was the year I read my first chapter book it was called the “BFG” this became one of my favorite books, that I read many times. After I read one chapter book I discovered more such as, “Junie B Jones” and “The Babysitters Club”. At this age, my mom and I sort of switched roles, I was now reading to her and she would listen and help me with certain words. All throughout elementary school, she played a huge role in my literacy development. When it came to writing in the second grade I started to become discouraged. In first- grade, it was always so fun but in second grade I remember my writing assignments would have to be so long and it felt like it would take me forever to do. When I’d get my grade back it was never what I expected for the amount of work I but in. I believe from that time till high school I absolutely dreaded writing papers. Throughout my years in upper elementary I don 't have many literacy memories besides things like library day, book fair, and going to the library with my sister and mom. I always loved library day because

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