My Memories Of Reading And Writing

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My earliest memories of writing and reading started in kindergarten. I feel blessed to have been able to start school and be introduced to an education. I probably had the best kindergarten teacher I could have been given at the time. This is fundamental because this very teacher started my foundation for reading and writing.
Unlike some people, my experiences during elementary school were very positive towards building my relationship with literacy. My kindergarten teacher made learning for me so fun. She would play the best alphabet songs, and print off very fun work sheets- the ones where you would trace over the letters and then try to right them yourself. I fell in love with reading and writing right off the bat through the interactive learning in kindergarten.
In first grade I was introduced to reading actual library books and poems. We would read very enjoyable poems for 1st graders, then discuss together our perspectives. There was story time when the teacher would read to us books like No, David!, and There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly.
In second grade I was introduced to the paragraph. We would be given prompts to write in our journals or told to write summaries in our library books. Second grade was also very significant because that was when I started reading chapter books. It wasn't the hardest books, but it was more than what most kids in my class were reading. I just found chapter books so much more better than the illustrated ones. Mary Pope

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