Literary Analysis : Jonathan Swift

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Joshua Diaz Mary Ellen Griffith Freshman Comp. II Oct. 27, 2015 Literary analysis The author I decided to write about is Jonathan Swift for he had a keen sense for effective sarcasm. As Jonathan Swift said “The proper words in the proper places are the true definition of style.” Though he was known in different ways, he was mostly popularized through his gift in writing, particularly his satire, or his use of humor and irony, essays. Through out swift life, there has been plenty of events where I believe shape the way he was, hence his writing style, some might even say it led to the point of insanity. Jonathan Swift was not always a writer however. He wasn’t known for any type of writing until he was around the age of thirty. Born November 30, 1667 in Dublin, Ireland he was raised by his rich uncle. Swift uncle is the one who actually paid all of the expenses for him to attend and finish his college education in 1686. Two years later began the Glorious Revolution and so he went to England to become a secretary to Sir William Temple. While working for temple he developed a disease that stayed with him upon death called Meniere 's Disease, which which is a disorder of the ear which can cause problems such as nausea, effects hearing, loss of balance and memory, and more. It was not treated due to the lack of knowledge of the disease (David Cody). Between 1696 and 1699 Swift wrote A Tale of a Tub (but published in 1704), “a satire on the religious extremes
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