Literary Analysis Of Miss Brill

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In the short story “Miss Brill” an elderly woman sits in a park, romanticizing about all the possible scenarios that are taking place around her. This story has many central themes, the main one, of course, being perception. Miss Brill is a very perceptive woman, which is continuously showcased by her being able to pick up on, and closely observe, the different narratives transpiring in the park. Miss Brill was able to see the humour in these ‘performances’, however, ironically, she failed to see that she herself was the subject of a joke. Through continuously romanticizing reality, and focusing only on one’s own point of view, one runs the risk of becoming oblivious to the way others view one’s self. Aforementioned, Miss Brill, an elderly woman, sits in a park within walking distance of her residence, and observes. That is essentially the sum of the story, the shortened version. This is because she is likely very lonely, as shown by the author, literally in the name, Miss Brill. Not Ms. Brill, not Mrs. Brill, but Miss, which is done to emphasize that she is unmarried. The purpose of this is to point out that she doesn’t have anyone of significance in her life and that she is probably lonely. This is important because it points out why someone, in their right mind, would want to sit around a park all day and watch people. Except she doesn’t just watch them, she dreams up narratives and ponders the possible conversations they’re having, and gives them a role to fill in her
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