Literary Criticism Of Deuteronomy

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The book of Deuteronomy is regarded as the fixed book for Old Testament study. "Deuteronomy was "the book of the law" which was found in the temple in the time of King Josiah. Its theology and ideas were fixed to be used in the seventh century BC. Deuteronomy could also be used as to date other Old Testament books. In the study of literary and source critic, Deuteronomy was obscured to understand. In this form critic questions to the book. What is the social setting of life "Sitz im Leben"? What kind of book is it to contain diverse elements like "historical surveys, moral exhortation, ceremonial laws, curses, poems and descriptions of solemn rituals?" (pg. 40). Many scholars answered Deuteronomy as the written for against vassal treaty. And they questioned about the relations between God and Israelites. If it is true we need to suggest which context in ancient Israel was presented as the same relationship between the ruler and the clients, God and Israel. In addition, the author mentions that as Deuteronomy is …show more content…

Literary analysis of the Old Testament is searching the characters and the movement of the text. It studies "Who says the text and to whom the text was said? What happened?" According to the Oxford Biblical studies, literary criticism is "the investigation of sources and problem of authorship." Therefore literary criticism helps us to know the original sources of the biblical text. The texts itself show that what kind of genre or writing of the texts. And in the case of Pentateuch, most Christians believe that the book of Pentateuch was written by Moses. But by the help of literary criticism, we can know that this is the amalgamating of small fragments. But I believe that some portions were written by Moses. Barton mentions two different points of view on the Book of Pentateuch, Fundamentalist view, and source critics'

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