Literary Masterpieces Matrix

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University of Phoenix Material Literary Masterpieces Matrix Complete the following matrix for each of the cultural periods that are shown. Provide examples from at least two (2) literary works to illustrate your entries in each category. If discussing contemporary literature, for example, a thematic focus might be relationship of mainstream with minority literatures and your examples incorporate Rushdie' and Cronin's works. Your entries in these columns must go beyond a few words or a simple bullet point. There is no required minimum word length, but you must go into sufficient detail to demonstrate your comprehension of these literary components. This assignment is designed to be completed throughout the course. It is easier…show more content…
There’s| | | | | |love, action, life and | | | | | |death all eternal themes. | | | |Classical Literature |Plato’s apology |The apology is written in |Roman’s is also a defense|Plato is clearly influenced| | |thematically focuses on |plain words and presents a|of Paul’s credentials as |heavily by the life, times | | |the meaning of life and |courtroom/debate scenario |an apostle. Both men |and words of the subject of| | |death. As well as how a |where Socrates is |spell out a philosophical|his work Socrates. | | |man should live his life |defending himself against |and moral case for their | | | |honorably, it also deals |charges. |beliefs and they question|Romans is heavily | | |with the fear of death. | |and refute the opinions |influenced by Jewish | | | |Paul makes use of |of those who would oppose|traditions,
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