Essay on Literature Review: Bully-Victims

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Literature Review
Caarne L. White
Capella University

Authors Note
Caarne L. White, Department of Counseling,
Capella University, Minneapolis, MN Abstract
The purpose of this paper is to provide the reader with a literature review of the topic proposed for completion of the final project. Bullying has become an ongoing global phenomenon. In particular are bully/victim behaviors and its impact on bully-victim cycles with K-12 students. This project intends to explore the research regarding the dichotomy of bullying and victim behavior, specifically bullies who have previously been victim or are currently victims of bullying.

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Victims in this case may at least be offered empathy from classmates, yet are less likely to be empathetic to the bully-victim which experiences both bullying and victimization. Once again, this makes bully-victims unique and more complex. There are major inconsistencies in research, as identified in an article by Solberg, Olweus and Endresen (2007) asking the question if bullies and victims at school are the same pupils. When estimating the prevalence of bully-victims in 10 studies using bully-victim as a basis of classification with similar populations, the percentages varied between 0.4 and 29% (Solberg et al., 2007). This has been a particularly confusing part of this present research project, in that classification criteria, definitions and other measurements may be used differently in studies on the topic. If there are inconsistencies with determining who and what the bully-victim is, surely there are major gaps in understanding the possible cyclical nature of bully-victims. Solberg et al. (2007) acknowledges how unfortunate it is that these variations exist, telling very little of the prevalence across grade/age the bully-victim persona exists. The authors do however recognize this group as "at risk" according to most research on the phenomena. There is a power imbalance that makes bully-victims unique from just

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