Literature Review On Employee Retention

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Literature review
Compensation and employee retention
Employees always want to be paid well for the job they do, both for their self-esteem and as a practical means to living. The importance of compensation in employee retention depends on the type of job they do and field of employment they are in. Compensation does not only include the basic salary, but also some benefits and other remunerations.
In her article, Barbara Bean (2017) gives an insight on how to retain employees like nurses into their jobs. She further explains that to get employees retain their job positions and even improve their service deliver, compensation should be considered. Keeping the salaries competitive with those performing similar work regardless of their fields …show more content…

The high cost of health and life insurance means that including them as part of your employee compensation package is an added advantage. It's important to find out the details of other employers plans and compare them with what you offer. Each employer should have time to ask what is covered in the benefits platform. They should also include the kind of benefits expected to be included in the package. They should be encouraging enough to an employee to maintain their work services. Apart from improving their work standards it will also increase their morale hence improving their service …show more content…

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