Literature Review On Phonemic Awareness

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The first lesson I am evaluating is called, “Using Music to Build Phonemic Awareness”. This lesson is focused on phonemic awareness. The lesson is fairly simple and could be done in about 15 minutes. However, it could be repeated using different sounds and music to extend the time. The teacher begins by playing the song “Miss Mary Mack”. The teacher tells the students to listen for the “short a” sound and demonstrates what this sounds like and then she plays the song again. Afterwards, she asks the students to brainstorm what words from the song may have the “short a”. Then the teacher posts the lyrics of the song on the board and asks the students sing along to the song. Finally, the teacher asks the students to brainstorm more words that include the “short a” sound. The second lesson I am evaluating is called, “Phonemic Alliteration: Delightful Dragon’s Amazing Alliterations”. This lesson is focused primarily on phonemic awareness and alliteration. The lesson is short and could probably be done in about 30 minutes. The teacher introduces phonemes and explains to students that words are made up of different phonemes. Teacher quizzes students by holding up different flashcard photos and asking them what phoneme they hear in the beginning of the word. After this, the teacher introduces what alliteration is and encourages students to share their own alliteration sentences. Then the teacher introduces a story that features a lot of alliteration and asks students to raise
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