Living At Home And Living On My Own

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Kelli Brown WR115 Comparison and Contrast Home where I have lived eighteen years of my life now going on to college and moving out! I was so excited to get to live on my own the start of fall term, not having my parents with my 24/7. Now that I have lived on my own for a year I love going back home over breaks to cooked meals, seeing family and friends, and working on the ranch. Comparing living at home and living on my own seem totally different and the same in ways. I now have my own facilities, freedom to live as I want, manage my financial meaning money and learning that there are some situations that are the same at home as on my own. Two obvious differences between living at home and living on my own are the conditions of the place and the facilities. Living at home has the large area. At home there is always room for family members, I always have everything I need. Also, I can go outside, sit on the grass and read, ride my horse or enjoy a nice view. Living on my own has a limited area. On my own I have to buy what I use or need in my house when I run out. Unlike at home when everything is available such as food, laundry and fuel. The house is smaller and doesn’t have everything I need. Complete facilities which can be used while living at the home washer and dryer, dishwasher, water, TV, internet. At home, I don’t have to pay to use them every month. All the facilities are always available anytime and if they break, I have the tools to fix them. Limited facilities…
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