Living With Diabetes Is Not Easy. It Is Very Challenging

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Living with diabetes is not easy. It is very challenging not only for the person suffering with this unfortunate disease but for those who are not diagnosed. If a child has diabetes, for instance, then the parent has to make frequent trips to the doctor for check ups. If the child eats something that they are not supposed to, which kids do often, then off to the hospitality they go. When the parent decide to ask family, friends, pastors, school staff members, and other respected people in the community for help about the disease, they are then forced to learn what the child can and cannot eat. It then becomes a tedious task to keep the child on a loyal path to diabetic-friendly foods. However, it becomes easier once the child and parent …show more content…

Later, you found out that you are sick. The image of you being a rock star crashed. Maybe you crashed too. It is a horrible feeling, but can be overcome with a positive mindset. “How could I be a rock star if I am sick?”, you might have asked yourself sometimes. Diabetes changes your habits, your daily routines and you start to observe yourself as somebody who can not do it all. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, it will change how you live your life, but it definitely should NOT stop you from achieving the highest goals in your life. The highest aspirations and motivations that make life worth living. It must not be your excuse to prevent you from leading a regular or extraordinary life (whatever suits you). It should not define who you are; you just need to learn how to live with it. This is the key to truly living the life of your dreams with diabetes. Bad things happen in life; nobody wants to have flaws and to be sick and restricted from the things that make us happy. The ugly truth is that all people have burdens, emotional or physical. All people have something that they do not like to talk about, something that bothers them, something that makes them unhappy sometimes. Having diabetes is not the worst thing in the world, although you might not think like that while planning your daily routines, diabetic diet meal plans, counting carbohydrates, monitoring blood glucose levels, getting diabetes supplies, looking at your fingers that

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