Living in Sin by Adrienne Rich

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Love isn’t everything
Growing up love is something almost every woman looks forward too. But fantasy versus reality is not something women compares life to every day. As young girls they often dream of growing up being in love, marrying the man of their dreams, having a fairy tale wedding, and living the life as it was often read in the books they may have read as little girls. Marriage is often thought of being in a relationship full of love and trust and is perfect when in reality no relationship is perfect and neither are the people. In Adrienne Rich’s, “Living in Sin,” she quickly finds herself finding marriage completely different then what she may have thought it was before and realizing the sin of her boyfriend and herself not loving each other while finding herself doing routinely housework.
In the woman’s idealistic relationship, she thought of her life being chore free not needing to do any house work as Adrienne Rich puts, “She had thought the studio would keep itself,/ no dust upon the furniture of love” (Lines 1-2). But later finds out it was all a fantasy dream and is practically living the life as a Cinderella character waking up every day doing the same routine making sure the house stays clean and going unnoticed by her supposedly true love, her husband. The lines in the poem are short and jerky creating the woman to sound hopeless and tired of her everyday life routine. The woman’s purpose in her relationship was primarily the passionate yearning to live

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