Living in a Fallen Societies

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Would you like to live in a world where your leader is murdering millions of people, well this was Nazi Germany. Thankfully we don’t have to live through that anymore. Why? Because faults in the society lead to its failure.All societies fail, but why? Corrupt leaders, lack of resources, and failure in security can all lead to the downfall of a society. Now not all societies fail for these reasons, but Nazi Germany, ancient India, Rome, and the Glade, a fiction society in The Maze Runner book by James Dashner, have. The are usually many faults in our government and every government whatever type of government it is. Leaders are very important in a society because everyone looks up to the leader, but what happens when the leader is corrupted? Bad things happen when a leader is corrupted, It happened in Germany and in The Maze Runner. In the Glade they have a council of Keepers who run the government. The Keepers are like the CEO of one of the many jobs at the Glade. The Keepers make the laws and vote on issues. Gally is one of the Keepers on the council. Gally is a bully. He threatened to kill Tomas more than once and has hurt other citizens in the Glade. Gally also does not respect their government system. He wants to be the only leader. All of the leaders need to be on the same page, so everything can work right. In this case it wasn’t, which is why the Glade fell.
During the Nazi Germany era, Hitler started out nice but abused his political power and became a

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