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As you can see replicators played a huge part in creating life. How did replicators lead to the first cell though? If replicators are meant to replicate and reproduce how did they end up making a living organism? The first cell is presumed to have arisen by the enclosure of self-replicating RNA in a membrane composed of phospholipids which are the principal components of cell membranes. The process of replication lead to the first cell which is called LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor). Many scientist believe that all living things on earth originated from an ancient organism called LUCA. The single celled being likely lived about 4 billion years ago and is thought to have eventually spawned two distinct groups of unicell life,…show more content…
A lot of the time when a virus come into contact with the host or as we may know it, the cell, it can insert its genetic material into its host, literally taking over the host's functions. Some viruses may remain dormant inside host cells for long periods, causing no obvious change in their host cells, but once stimulated new viruses are formed, self-assemble, and burst out of the host cell, killing the cell and going on to infect other cells. All this is just a constant battle between the host and cell. Without a host cell, viruses cannot carry out their life-sustaining functions or reproduce. They cannot synthesize proteins, because they lack ribosomes and must use the ribosomes of their host cells to translate viral messenger RNA into viral proteins. Viruses cannot generate or store energy, but have to derive their energy, and all other metabolic functions, from the host cell. Sometimes the virus will not be in the cell but outside functioning as coat for the protein. Viruses cause a number of diseases in humans most commonly heard of ones are, smallpox, the common cold, chickenpox, influenza, shingles, herpes, polio, rabies, ebola, hanta fever, and AIDS are examples of the diseases caused by viruses. Even some types of cancer but not all. As Sun Tzu wrote in The Art of War, “All warfare is based on deception”. He could have easily been describing the ancient battle between virus and host
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