Logistics And Quantitative Modules : Logistics Essay

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Logistics and Quantitative Modules
The last few years has witnessed a renewed interest in the logistics for both scholars and the commerce industry. The development can be attributed to a number of factors, but the most prominent is the realization by the commerce professionals and scholars of the significant levels of efficiency achievable through effective planning, management, and control of operation processes across the supply chain. Information technology has also contributed to the growing attraction to the field of logistics. Advances in IT have made it possible for organizations to integrate sophisticated decision making systems in their operation processes. The systems have simplified monitoring processes across the chain supply, collection of information, and control of business strategies.
Technology advances are also responsible for tremendous growth of business capacity, forcing businesses to expand their scope to the global arena. The result, inevitably, has been intensified competition. To cope, organizations have to refine their systems and harness effectiveness and efficiency at all levels. This call for development of complex systems with capacity to integrate processes and collect data from a worldwide network of business units, and coordinate processes, people, and technologies. Organization and implementation of these processes and systems is the essence of logistics.
The importance of logistics in the decision making processes in the

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