Logistics Networks : Logistics Network

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Assignment 2 Topic:

QUBE logistics network strategies

Jewon Na

Table of contents

1. Executive summary

2. Introduction

2-1. Company background
2-1-1. History of Qube
2-1-2. Description of Qube

3. Modern infrastructure of logistics

3-1. Global logistics network
3-1-1. Logistics network in Europe
3-2. Global logistics network problem
3-2-1. Logistics problems in Europe
3-3. Logistics network in NSW
3-4. Current logistics network problems in NSW
3-4-1. Traffic
3-4-2. Environment effects
3-4-3. Competitive environments
3-4-4. High labour cost

4. Solution plans

4-1. Cases of resolution about logistics network problem
4-2. Plans of Qube to resolve the current logistics network problems in NSW
4-2-1. Inland rail hub
4-2-2. Stevedoring
4-2-3. Combined rail network
4-2-4. Vertical integration
4-3. Involvements with NSW government
4-4. Resolution plan of NSW government with the problems

5. Recommendation

6. Conclusion

7. References

8. Lists of figures

Figure 1. Classic logistics procedure
Figure 2. After the globalization of logistics procedure
Figure 3. Example model of the eulogisticshub
1. Executive summary

This report provides modern infrastructure of logistic via Qube case, analysis of current problems of logistic in NSW and in the world and resolutions about related problems in NSW and in the world. Also, Australia government’s activities and resolutions to help to develop logistics network. Result of the analysis shows that current
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