Long Term Memory Psychology

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Memories are a difficult thing to explain of why and how they happen. The human brain is a very intricate organ that plays the biggest role in an everyday life. As studies have been done they have collected information of three main stages of human memory and one very significant stage that starts it all off lasting less than a second. Including the different types that are a key role in each stage. The process of memory starts of with sensory memory which only takes a blink of an eye. Then it goes through three main stages Encoding, storage and retrieval.
“Memories are the internal mental records that we maintain, which give us instant access to our personal past, complete with all of the facts that we know and the skills that we have cultivated” …show more content…

Long term memory has two main subdivisions that it branches down into. The first subdivision is explicit memory which sometimes referred to as declarative memory that is when you are recalling some piece of information (Explicit Memory). The second subdivision is implicit memory which is also referred to as non-declarative memory which does not entail you to have second thoughts about the things that were done or said (Implicit Memory). Explicit memory is processed through the hippocampus. The hippocampus is a small organ located in the medial lobe of the brain and plays the role of navigating information (Mandal). Verbal information is then kept in the left of the hippocampus and the visual designs and images are kept in the right of the hippocampus ( . Breaking down even farther into explicit memory it goes into two types of memories that are categorized called episodic memory which is events and experiences “such as what you did yesterday or your high school graduation”(Cherry). And the second type is semantic memory that is fact and

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