Looking For A Dentist?

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Looking for a dentist? It can be tough enough to find one that you like, that takes your insurance, that has a decent office staff, and that is close enough to work or home so a routine cleaning doesn 't take up your day. But we rarely give a thought to "how" dentists practice their science. It seems to be pretty standard, after all. But holistic dentistry is another option. The way these dentists practice their brand of is very different from the traditional model. Their claims and methods are also controversial. Holistic dentistry seems to have begun back in the early 1900 's by Weston A. Price, D.D.S. Mr. Price toured various primitive parts of the world and reached his conclusion that sugar was the cause of most decay in the world: …show more content…

In fact, the American Dental Association (ADA) published their report on dental amalgam safety. The report concludes that though minute amounts of mercury are released from amalgam, no health consequences from this amount of mercury have been adequately demonstrated. It appears to be a case where the benefit of amalgam fillings would outweigh the possible and miniscule risk of mercury being used in the fillings. Since "60 Minutes" did a story in 1990 on the possible dangers of amalgam fillings containing mercury, thousands of patients have sought out holistic dentists for the removal of these fillings. Studies vary, but most of them show mixed results with benefits not necessarily related to the removal of amalgam fillings. It has been pointed out that these holistic dentists who engage in treating "mercury poisoning" or "metal toxicity" are not practicing dentistry, but a form of medical practice. These same holistic dentists test for and prescribe supplements as well, and those actions are outside the scope of dentistry practice as well. Detractors of holistic dentistry point out that failing to make a referral to a health care practitioner in these cases is considered negligent practice. If you have the time and money (because few insurances cover the cost of removal of existing fillings and replacing them with porcelain) and you feel that your

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