Lookout Mountain

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There is water in the Ruby Way far out east of where you are right now is a mountain ridge. A mountain ridge that traverses over two states along the East coast. It’s the same place where the “Last Battle of the Cherokees” occurred. Even the civil war was not to far away from the mountain ridge. One might even have a flashback to US history in the 8th grade if they were told that this was the location of The Battle of Lookout Mountain. Most people are used to seeing waterfalls, well above ground at least. Usually when one sees a waterfall their neck tends to bend backwards so they can look up towards it. Is there a possibility of a waterfall being below the surface level of the earth? Under ground waterfalls can be a very beautiful and natural…show more content…
He then decided to take his wife with him the very next time and named the waterfall and the cave after his beautiful wife Ruby. The cave today is nowhere near as naturally carved today as it once was. Over the last few decades Lambert has turned it into a tourist attraction. By turning it into a tourist attraction Lambert was forced to manually carve out the cave to make it more congruent to accept the large number of tourist they expected. They found a small passageway that eventually led them to the waterfall, and this passageway was then dugout in order to put an elevator to allow the tourist easy access into the mountain to the waterfall via the Ruby Falls Cave. Then as government regulations because more and more strict, the company cut out a secondary exit leading to the base of the mountain. The secondary exit is used in case of emergencies, whether it’s from natural disasters or a man created disaster. The water in the waterfall is clean ground water, which one can happily drink at their personal discretion. Although it is suggested that one should not drink the water for the reason that it contains a very extremely high amount of magnesium from the strata of Lookout Mountain. The high amounts of magnesium causes a natural laxative effect on the human body, meaning if someone were to drink the water from Ruby Falls they will end up getting the runs sooner rather than
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