Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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Gone was a very action pact, exciting, and vigorous book. When I read Lord of the Flies I thought it was the best book ever, but that has changed. Gone was such an intriguing book because something like this could never happen in real life. I love books that could never happen in this world. When I was reading this book it felt like a dream. When I would go to sleep I was dreaming about the part I read, but the main character was me. One day everyone fifteen and older disappears. Then there is this giant dome cover a whole entire city. There was no phone or cable service and all the kids were in school. That is not the only weird thing about the book; some of the characters have power. Caine and Sam can shoot long beams out of their…show more content…
I would need electronics because my younger brother would need something to do in the house. We would have an x-box so he could watch movies and play video games. Can goods a very long lasting food that we would have in our house. Medicine and water are supplied to keep are body health. The items that we have should supply us for at least two weeks. There are many reason I would want to go outside.

There may be kids out there who would have different beliefs about what has happened. They might take this time to take out all their animosity on kids. They might use this period to show their preeminence. Other kids might accomplice with these kids because they think that they could protect them or they might think that they are cool. Gone and our world our sort of the same because of many things. In Gone there were kids who wanted to do the right things and other who wanted to do the wrong thing. Our world is analogous because there are those kids who would go into a grocery store and take something without paying and others would leave the money on the counter. There are kids who would run around throwing rocks at people, house, stores, and other things and then there are kids who would want to stop them, keep peace, and do the right thing. Michael Grant in this book makes everyone 15 and older disappear. What could Michael Grant be saying when this happens, does this mean the parents not necessarily any more or the children are being
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