Loretta Sanchez Statement

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Loretta Sanchez running for Senate in the 2016 election made a statement on her website and other forms of media to honor Labor Day. In her statement, she honors the contribution and sacrifices the American workers had to make. She express her gratitude for those who fought for fair pay, health benefits, a five-day work week, pensions, safe working conditions, the right to collectively bargain and so on. She also states that the mission is not over yet until every American have fairness and opportunities in the work field. She mentions how she is a strong supporter for labor rights. These include getting rid of the gender pay gap, protecting retirement security, raising the federal minimum wage to a living wage, ensuring sick leave and paid…show more content…
For Sanchez, her statement could be direct experience because her daily life might consist of first hand situations. Even though it’s not part of the statement, her credibility is mentioned. She is a Congresswoman for the 46th Congressional District, a senior member of the Committee on Homeland Security and the House Armed Services Committee and a high ranking member of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces. Her statement uses imagination because in the reading one of the forms of imagination is forming expectations. Her statement forms expectations by voting for her, she will give American workers support, opportunities, protection and so on. Logic can be found in her statement because logic is used in dramatic representations such as ads, television, statements and so on. Based on this week’s statement made by her, I see by reading her statement that she is just saying what the people want to hear. By using her website and other forms of media, I think she can put what information she wants even if it’s not true. Usually, politics involves lying because regarding her credibility, I don't see a lot that involves labor force. The only things I see that she is involved with the labor force is supporting the nation’s workers and the American Labor Movement and being a member of the United Food and Commercial Workers
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