Lorna Clarkson Research Paper

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Lorna Jane Clarkson
By Zaylee Daley
November 2015

Lorna Jane is the founder and CEO of a successful business called after her name sake, Lorna Jane Active Wear. Lorna was born in Orrell England in 1964. When Lorna moved to Brisbane she was aged 10 years old and her father was a motor company supervisor. Lorna has two siblings named Julie and David.
Lorna Jane trained originally trained as a dental therapist after leaving school, but her passion was always in the fashion industry. As a teenager, Lorna would make knitted or crocheted bikinis and swim where for her close friends. By day, Lorna was a dental nurse and in her spare time she was an aerobics teacher. She enjoyed aerobics so much that she began to design gym wear for the ladies she was teaching. She started making t-shirts and other fitness fashion for herself when she started to look for fitness clothing and realised that was not a big variety, in fact There was not a large selection at all. She used an old
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The Lorna Jane brand rapidly grew with a lot of help from social media, like word-of-mouth and through women’s and fitness magazines.Today, Lorna Jane is one of Australia’s biggest success stories. Lorna Jane’s Active Wear brand has 155 stores worldwide. The Lorna Jane brand continues to expand across the globe. The brand has a massive on line following, having 25,000 followers, with 290,000 Instagram followers and 900.000 Facebook friends. Apart from being an “entrepreneur” (which is a person who sets up a business or business, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit), Lorna is a pioneer in active wear and she has authored four books. The four books Lorna has authored are Move, Nourish and Believe, More, Nourish and Insider they all are about healthy living, fitness, believing in yourself and motivation. Excitingly, Lorna was introduced into the Business Women’s Hall Of Fame in
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