Final Internship Interview

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As we get closer to graduation and securing our final internships it is important to research and understand the positions we are looking for. For this assignment I chose to interview Blair Savitsky who is currently a Fashion Stylist and Account Executive at LRL Group. I had worked with Blair at my previous position and decided that it would be important to reconnect with her and learn more about public relations. When I originally met Blair she was working at LRL Group and she worked closely with my company as our Public Relations representative. Blair and myself would work together to schedule photo shoots and events that would promote brand awareness for the company I was working for. One of my first questions to Blair was to tell me more about the company she works for which is LRL Group. Blair explained that LRL group is a company that her and her partner established to build a brand name for themselves. Lauren Ray Levy who has been working in the fashion industry is who partnered with Blair to establish this company. Blair explained that LRL was a company that focused on Styling, Branding and Consulting for Fashion, Beauty and Music. LRL works closely with brands to promote their goods by…show more content…
Blair explained that she loved getting to meet with clients and build their brand. She explained that it is critical to make sure that you keep your clients brand image in mind. Blair also mentioned that she enjoyed the creative part of her job and the collaborations she has worked on. I asked her about the challenges she faces and we spoke about the photo shoot that she worked on for my company and how she was challenged to maintain my brands image while also keeping the image of the photographer. At the time the company I was working for was extremely strict about brand image and what they were looking for so it was nice for us to be able to look back and talk about the challenges we
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