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The general argument made by Los Angeles Times, adapted by Newsela staff in their work, they are talking about how people are protesting that orcas should be let go into the wild. They go over why it is a bad idea, which is because of illness and other problems that occur during the way. They are even able to back up what they said with an example. There was an orca named Kielo and they released him. After the release he stayed around humans and later died of pneumonia. More specifically, They argue that the whales should stay if they are being treated right and are healthy. They write, “No enclosed sea pens exist to hold all 11 orcas, either as a group or individually, and the cost of building such pens could reach $5 million each, with staffing costs of up to$500,000 a year for each pen, Rose said. This shows that even if they wanted to they wanted to they could not bc of the cost and the people who want them freed are not donating to them either. In this passage, they are suggesting that the orcas should stay where they are as long as they are living in good conditions and again are healthy there is no problem. Also they need to be …show more content…

More specifically, I believe that this really should not be a problem and also I don't like the idea of the bluefin program with no breeding because that will just make it harder in the future to get new orcas . For example, when they say no breeding they are also implying that they should go get another orca from the wild if they are not going to let them breed in captivity. Although Los Angeles Times might object that it is okay to let the whales into the sea , I maintain the thought that the orcas are good and that they should not be removed from captivity for the health of them and so they are safe. Therefore, I conclude that this is an unfair punishment and that they are okay in the tanks and they are healthy and well

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