Loss of Humanities Should Not be a Sacrifice of Eduction Essay

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As the reduction of the Humanities department begins to arise, many students lives are severely impacted. There are many positive and negative effects which come along with reducing funds in the Humanities departments. Though many individuals might contradict that reducing humanities may be a beneficial act for some, In my opinion it should not be lessened primarily because it can lead to malevolent mishaps. Decreasing humanities will result in excessive unemployment rates, superfluous amount of students won't be ready for their vocational lives, and many diligent individuals will not be able to afford paying for the expenses. How many sacrifices are you willing to take in order to get a superior education?

To begin with, one
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This illustrates that Humanities is an essential part to everyone because it contributes students with a valuable perception and to get a fast career.

Lastly, many students will not be able to afford paying for the expenses. In the article it states, "Technology executives, researchers and business leaders argue that producing enough trained engineers and scientists is essential to America's economic vitality, national defense and health care," (Cohen 22 ). This shows that with the reduction of humanities there will be more engineers but less scientists. Humanities study can make better scientists because it teaches you how to think in a creative way also in a critical one and to ask questions. These skills are helpful to gain a better understanding and scientists question everything and prove it by experimenting. "Reading the great literary and philosophical works and coming to grips with the question of what is living for - may become a great luxury that many cannot afford," (Cohen 24). Without being able to afford for it many people can't get the education they should receive. In my opinion if the scholars begin to lose interest in their occupation they will major in anything to achieve their career and grasp a job.

To conclude, without Humanities the courses are elongated and students won't be able to achieve a career if they cannot pay for the the expenses. Receding humanities will result into excessive unemployment rates, superfluous
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