Lost Along the Way

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Lost Along the Way Hundreds upon hundreds of films release each year, but when there is a picture where the film itself is just as much a mystery as the characters involved, that is something that will get me hooked from beginning to end. The movie Shutter Island is one such film that is just that, and the characters in question are one Teddy Daniels, and the remote and ghost-like Andrew Laeddiss. They are two different characters, but one and the same mysterious person, struggling to find his way. Having gone through some traumatic events in his life, he ended up developing mental illnesses, such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Delusional Disorder. Dealing with multiple illnesses is something that is very hard to live with and near impossible to recover from, especially with the life he has lived. The most telling of the two major psychological disorders would be the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. According to (Gabriella, 2012), “The DSM-IV-TR says in order for someone to be diagnosed with Delusional Disorder, they must (1) have “non-bizarre delusions,” (2) not have schizophrenia, (3) be able to function normally with relatively normal behaviors, (4) have short, if any, mood episodes, and (5) not be taking any substance which causes “the direct physiological effects” of a delusion.” Delusions are fixed false beliefs according to (Behavenet). Andrew Laediss’s delusions were that he believes that he is a U.S. Marshall named Teddy Daniels investigating

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