Love And Love : The Influence Of Love

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Love only. I attempt to make it a point and live by that code, and it gets hard sometimes, but what’s life without a little challenge. I wouldn’t say that if given the opportunity I’d take the more dangerous and risky road, because I would be lying, but I’m not entirely opposed to walking on thin ice every now and then. It’s not my greatest quality, but it’s a dominant one. My close friends would undoubtedly describe me as the “mom” of the group, but others would possibly say something more along the lines of “a lost puppy”. I’d love to say that my eloquence is ineffable, but unfortunately that is not the case. I just have a strong love for reading. If you were to name a book, there’s a 70% that I’ve read it, wanted to read it, have put it on my reading list, or have heard of it. I’d really love to have something more interesting to say about my personality, but all I do is sing karaoke, read, and watch Fifth Harmony videos. So onto the specifics we go!! My favorite word of all time is “serendipity”; it essentially means “fortunate accident”. This single word has had great influence on me as a person; because it taught me the only way to accurately experience anything is to believe in it. Not a spurious “I believe”, but wholly and copiously believing in something, that nothing can influence the way you perceive it. For instance, the hero boy in the “Polar Express”, he had trouble believing in Santa Claus, and was filled with doubt. But the hero girl, she believed, and she

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