Love And Love : The Influence Of Love

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Lover’s quarrel. The world tends to remove around love. Movies, books, tv shows, and your everyday life all include love. Popular media almost always displays love to be intense and bright and cheerful. Couples in romance movies don’t fight but instead make out under the stars, and the whole world freezes for a while. But anyone who has ever loved before knows that it is not all rainbows, sunshine, and bunnies. Sometimes it’s wanting to end things so bad you can’t stand it. Sometimes it’s having to let go. Sometimes it’s having to step back and reevaluate. Love is not only about a significant other. Love can sometimes be about your family. Familial Love is often thought to be easy, because it’s unequivocally always there. But that also may not always be the case. Sometimes a relationship with family can be trying. As with any relationship, you can outgrow a family member. Personal experience tells about a father who was shallow, and materialistic. He had many girlfriends, and refused to ever accept that he could make happiness. He had a child that say this and tried best she could to make him be happy, and be what he wanted her to be, and he was so saturated in his own self that he couldn’t see that even though what he had wasn’t the best, what he had was good. He could be compared to a shallow hole, dug out about three feet. He knew that his daughter was easy to control and manipulate if the daughters hole was only three feet too. But one day he realised his daughter’s

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