Love Essay : Forever Is Forever, Or Not?

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Forever…or not Forever is a special thing. It is said to a person who you love deeply, no matter through thick and thin, love will pull through…well almost always. To be in love, it is confusing and a mystery, but it is a beautiful thing. Marriage is until death do apart, a man and a woman in a marriage need to have a lot of love, lean into one another, be happy and most importantly, be loyal to each other. Especially when there is children involve. My grandparents are the definition of love. They fell in love in a young age and went to get married. They had six children and of course they had their ups and down, but not matter what they always found back to each other. Now, everywhere they go, they are holding hands or giving each other little kisses. They are always together twenty-four seven, never separated from one another. That is what I always wanted for my parents to be, to love each other, and be together forever. But life is not always perfect. My family was always an example of a perfect family. We all loved each other, we were always happy and my parents loved each other very much. My dad was the one who raise us while my mom was at work. We would do all these little activities, play soccer, taught me how to ride my bike, showed me all these different kinds of cars, show me how to cook and would give me the best hugs. My brother and my dad were close. They loved the same things, which was usual for father and son. My parents would take us out on the weekends
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