Love Is The Most Powerful Emotion

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I choose to write my paper on what’s love? Do you know what love is? Why do we ask what love is? Love can be many of things people have their own opinions of love and what love actually is. Love is not only intimate.
As a person first falls in love at least a thousand brain parts start to light up. The brain release hormones, feelings and butterflies. Love is also loving a person unconditionally no matter what. Love is the most powerful emotion a human being can experience. In today’s society it’s hard for people to know what true love is. At times I ask myself why it is so hard to find love. I believe the word love is abused. When people use the word love it is used as an expression of affection towards someone else. For example, I love …show more content…

When humans are going steady in receiving love and giving love, we don’t ponder such philosophical questions. It’s usually when something is lacking or not the same we begin to contemplate what that thing really is. For, example nobody goes to subway and ask what’s a sub. So, when we ask what is love? We don’t fell loved all the way or someone feel we don’t love them all the way. So accord to the Chabad post the real question you should be asking is “Am I loved?” or “Do I love?” These are the two main reasons people ask what’s love. It’s easier to ask what love is rather than am I loved. When we the people are loved we tend to feel it in our guts. How does love really work though? In fact it’s really not as complicated as it sound, but the truth is our hearts take cues from our senses. Everything we feel, touch, smell, and hear is in touch with the universe and teaches use about the universe. So some things we just don’t need to question. Our sensory organs send messages to the brain, and our brain read the messages and send the message to our heart. “So, if we see a loving smile, hear loving words, or feel a loving touch, the brain processes this information and concludes, “Hey, we are being loved right now!”
Love can also be letting someone go. Love don’t mean you own the person or mean that’s your possession. For

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