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Creating Texts: Letter Writing By Lachlan Reid – 989856 August 26, 1991 (letter ONE) Dear Charlie, I wish I could send you this letter, but I understand why you wish that I don’t know you. I want you to know that I will try to figure out who you are, I’ve always liked to know who I am writing to and I’m sorry for that. I promise that if I find you, I will not approach you, I will simply leave the replies to your letters for you, I may see you but you won’t see me. Promise me not to be mad, please? I will always reply to your letters, I believe that’s what you should do with letters, don’t you? As you tell me about your life, I will tell you about mine. I can already tell that we may be more similar than you may think and …show more content…

Good luck to your brother, he sounds like he really wants it big time, and I find that people who want something so badly usually get it. I know my aim is to get into University to become a pilot and I will do anything to make it possible. Remember Charlie, everywhere we go we have friends, we may not know that they are there, but just like enemies, they are always around us. Love Always Your Friend October 6, 1991 (letter THREE) Dear Charlie, When I’m alone I like to do that, look at people and guess what their lives are like, I like to guess if the man sitting in the restaurant is a lawyer, doctor or something else amazing and what his life is like, whether he’s married or has kids. I don’t know why I do this, I guess it gives me something to fantasize about and wonder if one day my life could be the same. I like people like Patrick, easily approachable and they have a special quality about them. That’s what attracted me to my best friend Robert, he’s always approachable and seems to understand me. I love it when people call girls pretty, cute or beautiful. These words seem much more meaningful and romantic unlike words such as hot or sexy. Charlie, ‘if you want to ask Sam out on a date’, you should. Most girls don’t like to wait for boys, most of the time we are too shy or embarrassed to ask girls out, or maybe that’s just me, I’m not sure. Sam sounds different to other girls I’ve meet

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