Love, Probably The Most Complicated And Famous Topic In

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Love, probably the most complicated and famous topic in the world. Many people have been trying to understand a love for centuries. Why does it exist? How does it work? The truth is that once a person is in love, his or her lover means everything to him or her. Furthermore, an explanation is not needed anymore because the person that loves is the person that understands you, patient to you, supports you and is kind to you. It seems that lovers are the happiest people on earth, but the trouble comes when one of the partners does not feel the same towards his/her partner. Love usually works better with two people where two individuals have the responsibility to care and support each other, but sometimes they will not love each other at the …show more content…

Both characters might see love in a similar way. For example, when Calixta saw Alcee again the feelings she felt towards him grew again, but maybe her feelings to Bobinot did not change at all. Jack’s feeling towards his wife are similar. He loves his wife, but he also loves the eighteen-year-old girl, maybe differently, but he loves them both. A good example is when the girl says. “Tonight, I’ll write, ‘I love Jack. This is my birthday present from him. I can’t imagine anybody loving anybody more than I love Jack” (Tallent, 99). And then Jack tries to convince her not to love him that way, making the most pessimist storylines in a jokingly way. ““No, you can’t,” he said. “You can’t imagine it”” (Tallent, 99). Maybe here he is trying to save her from him because maybe, he still loves his wife. Where Calixta never got over Alcee but loved her husband Bobinot and the family then made together. “… when the three [ Calixta, Bobinot, Bibi] seated themselves at [the] table they laughed much and so loud that anyone might have heard them…” (Chopin, 91).
Moreover, Calixta and Jack did not respect their marriages because they had feelings towards someone else. They did not divorce their spouses, or at least separate from them, this probably happened because they still might love their family. The idea of having a family in many

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