Essay about Love and Hate in the Poems Havisham and The Laboratory

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The poems Havisham and The Laboratory teach us that love and hatred are two of the most powerful yet contrasting emotions in this world. In both the poems they are 'loving to hate' and 'hating to love'. This means that when love is given it leaves us vulnerable , and if the love is not returned then it can turn to hate as quick as boiling water to steam. For both women in the poem have been rejected from their men mentally and physically, leaving them nothing but pain and the overwhelming desire of revengence. Both poems are written in the first person giving it a dramatic monologue.
The poem; The Laboratory is about a woman who has found out that her husband has been cheating on her with another woman. She goes to the apothecary to get
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And that her eyes have shrunk and her hands have ropes on the back of them that she could strangle with; which links to the theme of murder and killing.
There are comparisons and contrasts in these poems. Examples are used in many different ways. Such as they both use oxymoron's; 'Beloved sweetheart bastard' and in the Laboratory on how she 'Loves to hate'. These expressions and words are used to show how angry and how much hatred they have against there men, and what they have done too them. Also in both poems colours are used to describe the way the women are feeling. In Havisham Carol Ann Duffy describes the man's eyes as ' Dark green pebbles' this choice of colour emphasises the anger and the violence she has in her. In the Laboratory the woman uses opposite colours to describe the way she feels; ' And yonder soft phial, the exquisite blue'. Here she is describing the poison and the sick, twisted and insane relationship she has between it to kill her husbands woman on the side. Alliteration is also used in both poems 'Havisham' and ' The Laboratory'. In Havisham at the end the phrase ' b-b-b-breaks' is used. Its not only the heart that breaks, its what rejection has done to her, and its like she is about to break down and cry. In the laboratory she uses phrases like ' Moisten and mash up thy paste' and ' Pound at thy powder'. These phrases are used to express the rage of anger she encounters. The two women desire different things in the poems

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