Love in L.A. by Dagoberto Gilb

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Stereotypes are part of everyday life. Stereotyping is part of our society; it wouldn’t be our society with typical stereotyping. Stereotypes have an enormous impact on how we feel and see things. In Gilb’s point of view he is stereotyping the life of the typical Mexican American lifestyle. In all four stories he has a stereotype or he is stereotyping the life style of a family, man or woman. I believe that Gilb wants to make his point through, “there is more to life” than just the regular stereotyping the Mexican American life style. I believe he wants to get his point across through stereotyping and using it as an example that there are many ways of life and that there are many ways of living.
In the story “Love in L.A.,” throughout the entire story the reader is able to understand and identify gender roles, associations and stereotyped characterization throughout the conversation between the characters, the thoughts of characters, and how Dagoberto Gilb wants us to put our own ideas of the male and female stereotypes. Gender roles are first shown when Jake, one of the main characters, is giving a brilliant sketch of a car he’d rather be driving and have freedom than actually working and living a steady good life. From the description of the car we can see that he is interested in features that would attract and impress any woman, and these same features are not particularly well-matched to him, “the fact was that he’d probably have to change his whole style” (275). Jake

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