Low Carbohydrate Food Facts

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The two articles, “Low-Carbohydrate” Food Facts and Fallacies and The Weighty Issue of Low-Carb Diets, or is the Carbohydrate the Enemy?, advocates how the “new” low-carb diet is not entirely healthy. When a person goes on a diet they usually do it for health reasons, such as, trying to lose weight and/or because of a medical issue, for instance diabetes, which was mentioned many times in the articles. However, many people are confused and deceived by the information some food manufactures are putting on their food labels. Food manufactures are “lowering the grams of carbohydrates in processed foods by altering the portion size or replacing naturally occurring carbohydrates with ingredients that are higher in protein, fat, or other types of…show more content…
In my opinion, after reading the two articles I do not think low carb diets help you lose weight, especially in the long term. I think the best way to lose weight is to be educated in what you consume and eat low portions and controlled. Sometimes eating a burger or spaghetti is not bad as long as you control the portions and balance it with vegetables or fruits on your next meal. What do manufactures do to reduce the amount of sugar in foods? To reduce the amount of sugar in foods, manufactures usually replace it with something else such as, sugar alcohol, glycerin, net carbs, impacted carbs, not effective carbs, and other terms. These replacements usually are far worse than having sugars in your food. Do both articles show support for a decrease in carbs causing an increase in the amount of calories consumed? Yes, both articles show enough evidence in the less consumption of carbs and more intakes in calories. People are not eating the bread or pasta, however; instead they are eating more bacon and sugary foods, which makes for an unhealthy meal. Being educated in what you consume is the most important key to a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes the Nutrition Labels in some foods can be misguiding and natural or healthy carbs can be replaced with ingredients that could be far worse for your health. Both articles brought a lot insight in the low-carb diet and how there could
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