Luna Clover And Fashion Model Malia Clover

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Luna Clover is the daughter of movie producer Jules Clover and fashion model Malia Clover. From the descriptions of her parents you would think that she would act very proper and selfish because her parents are famous, but Luna never took that mentality and always stayed strong to who she was. She did not like to be seen as Jules Clovers daughter, she wanted to be seen as Luna Clover. When Luna’s mom was hit by a car and killed, Luna knew that life would still go on without the mother figure in her life. Luna had become even stronger than she ever was. She never gave up and stuck with what she believed and in the end she ended up getting what she always wanted. Staying strong through what had happened in Luna’s life is what made her life…show more content…
Staying strong is what helped Luna continue on and continue to strive.
Luna stayed strong when people brought up her mother 's death and did not let anyone talk bad about her just because she was now not present. It was Luna’s first day back to school and one of the popular girls came up to her and sat down. She did not say anything at first but then she said, “You know what’s really sad? Your mother was the coolest--she wasn’t really like a mom, you know? My mother is like an android” (77). Right then Luna saw what Rachel said to be rude. Luna stood up for her mom and replied, “She was a mom. She was my mom,” Luna did not like the way that Rachel said that and said exactly what she thought needed to be said. Luna also noticed that Rachel was sorry for her, but did not want to say that directly so she added something about her life. Luna did not want anyone or anything to say anything about her mom. It not only make her mom sound like something she was not, but it made her remember all the fun times she had with her and that she was not there anymore.
When Luna’s mom died Luna would go to her mom 's studio so she could be by herself. When Luna went to her mom’s studio after she died, she found her cell phone. Luna picked up the phone and found out that there was seven voice mails on the phone. She was not sure if she should listen to them, but she did anyways. Luna listened to about one message a week, but then she lost that phone. She had

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