Lysosomes: A Short Story

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Today is my second day inside the cell. "Ok now that I'm in the cell, how am I supposed to go explore the cell with no transportation? Oh, nevermind I can use vesicles to take all around the cell.". I get on a vesicle and im zooming through the air like lightning. Looking around the cell I see the cytoplasm holding the organelles. It's the jelly like substance in the cell. ". There goes the lysosomes, in other words the recycling center.". The job for the lysosome is to break down and digest. The lysosomes seems to be working just fine. "Holy cow! There goes the mitochondria.". The mitochondria has a really hard job, it's one of the organnelles that use up more energy. The job of the mitochondria is to break down food into carbon dioxide and
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