M1 unit 2 health and social care level 3

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M1 -Describe how practitioners should apply values of care in health or social care service
In this task I will describe how practitioners should apply values of care within a health or social care service. Care values are standards that should be met within a health and social care setting; they are designed to improve the quality of care which is given to people.
Promoting care values within a care setting.
The care values which are applied in a health care setting consist of; maintaining confidentiality, this means not sharing an individual’s personal information with another person. Also, it’s important to protect the personal information of a client by keeping it between you and the client. This care value occurs in a care home …show more content…

For example in a day care centre; each child’s welfare is important, this means the children’s needs are met first by the staff, whatever the situation is. Hence, this will make the parents feel their child is taken good care of by others and they are safe. Another example is when there is a fire alarm going off in a crèche, its important all the toddlers and babies are evacuated immediately first in order to protect their welfare, then the adults.
Keeping children safe and maintain them in a health environment; Safety of the child is vital, this is because they are too young to understand what is going on sometimes. Moreover its important children are kept within a healthy and safe environment, because they are protected from any accidents occurring. For example in a nursery, the outside door isn’t locked and opens, the children playing inside and a nursery nurse is not present, anything can occur and the children can walk out of the door and an incident may take place and the might get injured. So it’s important for the door to only be open when there are nursery nurses are present, so no incidents take place. Hence, maintaining the child’s safety in a health environment consists of the child getting fed properly, the food should be edible and

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