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North Carolina State University MBA 610 – David Henard Case Study- Erik Peterson (A) Copyright – Holly Munn The Erik Peterson Situation By Holly Munn This case study is about a General Manager at Green Mountain Cellular Telephone Company ( GMTC), Erik Peterson. New to his position, he faces a multitude of problems that quickly put him in over his head, although he does not realize it. The parent company of GMTC, Cellular Communications Inc. (CelluCom) was founded by a charismatic and capable leader, Ric Jenkins. He had grown the company over time to be among one of the Top 20 Cellular Companies in the industry. Erik had never worked in the cellular industry prior to taking the position at GMTC, but he very much wanted to be a part of …show more content…

Sometimes companies make hiring or promotional mistakes and the recommendation by Erik should have been considered more seriously. Curt should be put in a situation where he can be successful and a replacement found that could be more successful in the planning department for GMTC Lack of Inventory Control During construction, the program had run out of key materials (antennas and radios) repeatedly. When this happened, it caused rework, loss of money and time. This was Curt Andrew 's job to ensure inventory was in place as needed. Operational/Employee Issues Good. 1) Erik established an inventory reporting system (above) and 2) Erik relied on his personal relationships with the suppliers to help bail him out of two shortage instances Inconsistent Operating Procedures: CelluCom knows how to do this, but there are no company standards which would force consistency and collaboration Lack of Clear Decision -Making There were internal disagreements regarding what type of equipment infrastructure would be needed, and the best way to implement. This caused scope creep, timeline delay, and additional costs Headquarters/Inter-Employee Issue Poor. When there was an argument over what type of trucks to use for repairs and system installations between two employees, Erik cow-towed to both, making the decision to order "some of both types". Lack of Standards ( e.g. CelluCom had successful implementations behind

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