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What is the worst thing that a force can do before going into battle? The worst thing that a force cannot do is have improper planning. In the article Anaconda- A Flawed Joint Planning there was some key steps that were missed in the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP). The article describes five errors that the unit could have avoided by using MDMP. However I am only going to discuss four out of the five errors and there are as follows: Poor Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield, Underestimating Airpower Deployment Time, Lack of Tactical Coordination for Close Air Support and the Lack of Operational- and Strategic-level Coordination. The first error that occurred was poor intelligence preparation of the battlefield. The…show more content…
Under step 2 it discusses available assets and identify resources shortfalls. According to the Battle Staff book reviewing available assets and identify resources shortfalls is staffs determine if they have the assets needed to accomplish all task . (Page 2-13 Battle Staff)The CJTF would have noticed that the air assets were needed as well as the air planners. Once the air planners would have been involved in the planning process, they could have rescheduled the date of the air tankers switching. The result would have been less wounded causalities and certain terrorist leaders possibly killed. The third error that happened was lack of tactical coordination for close air support. This error occurred because the lack of air integration capability between ground and air forces. The CJTF did not even have some of the proper equipment to call in close air support. According to the article an actual kill box was not generated until four days into the battle. This error could have been avoided if the CJTF would have complete step 3 of the MDMP process. Under step 3 it discusses generating options. Generating options is a good Course of Action (COAs) can defeat all feasible enemy COAs while accounting for essential stability tasks. Goal is to develop several possible COAs. (Battle Staff Page 2-13) The CTJF should have pushed for more air coordination with the corps-level Air Support Operations Center. By asking for more air
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