MGT101A Chris Bray Case Study Essay

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\ Table of Contents Title Page Number 1.1 Company Background 3 1.2 Aim 3 2.1 Issues 4 2.2 Corporate Culture 4 2.3 Changing Corporate Culture 5 2.4 Leadership and Teamwork in Corporate Culture 5 3.0 Conclusion 6 4.0 Recommendations 6 5.0 References 8 1.1 Company Background Established in 1999, CaterCare Services (CCS) provides remote catering and accommodation services to government, private, and defence organisations in Australia and overseas. CCS boasts of an enriching work experience, providing training, succession planning and development opportunities and offers recognition, rewards programs and supportive leadership. Their…show more content…
( Closing the culture gap is of extreme importance. As the organisation loses sight of its original cultural values, changes in the behaviours and decision making of its employees begin to appear. This can be detrimental to the health and success of the organisation. 2.3 Changing Corporate Culture People are resistant to change. They fear uncertainty and loss of control (Kanter, 2012) therefore changing corporate culture can be a difficult and lengthy task. In Peter Bragman’s article, ‘A Good Way to Change a Corporate Culture’ he discusses how corporate culture begins with its ‘invisible culture’ – a companies deeper values held by organisation members – and to change, an organisation must first create new stories to instil new beliefs into the minds of employees. Ceremonies are a great way to change corporate culture. Trice and Beyer (1984) define ceremonies as a “special occasions that reinforce valued accomplishments, create bond among people by allowing them to share an important event, and anoint and celebrate heroes.” (Samson and Daft 2009, p.114) Ceremonies are a great way to acknowledge employee accomplishments and create value in an organisation. They recognise heroes who exemplify a companies beliefs and core corporate values and by acknowledging these “heroes” new stories are created and can help reshape a companies corporate 2.4 Leadership and Teamwork

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