Best Buy - the Importance of Organizational Culture and Change

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Best Buy - The Importance of Organizational Culture and Change
Organizational cultures that can be a liability to an organization include those that create barriers to change, create barriers to diversity or barriers to mergers and acquisitions. (Robbins, S. P. 2011) Organizational cultures are also good for change and revitalization of a company. This paper will provide background information on Best Buy and the ROWE (Results-Only Work Environment) Program. This paper will describe the culture of Best Buy. This paper will also discuss the approach to organizational change that the ROWE program illustrates. This case has sources of stress and this paper will discuss the sources that are apparent in the case. Changes have occurred …show more content…

Managers resisted the change more than other employees did. One manager had to accept that his style of managing was to treat his employees as unruly children. He felt that with the new program, these employees were not going to abide by the rules. Managers also did not think that hourly employees like administrative assistants should be a part of the ROWE program. In the manager’s way of thinking, administrative assistants had to be at their desks throughout the day in case a member of management needed them.
Discuss the sources of stress that are apparent in the case.
Despite all the good changes that the ROWE program generated, stress is still apparent. Change is difficult when certain behaviors are already a part of the daily routine. An employee who works in the finance department received a call from one of Best Buy’s suppliers. Apparently, he did not receive payment for the last order and threatened to stop delivery of any supplies until he received payment. If she stayed at work to resolve the problem, she would not be able to go home and attend to a personal matter. The new changes were difficult to adopt. The employee was part of the ROWE program and she was allowed to make her own work schedule and leave, if necessary, without anyone judging her. The employee knows she could handle both matters just not in

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