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Final Paper 23 December 2013 Summary Nurses are the backbone to all hospitals. They pick up the extra load that physicians pass along to them. Within Renfrey Memorial Hospital one would understand why the work is becoming too physically demanding. Registered nurses (RNs) deliver and manage patient care. They teach them along with the public about the countless health conditions and supply guidance and emotional support to them and their families on how to care and treat themselves. Without the use of registered nurses a shift in performance feedback is sure to happen. Back in the day, meaning 100 plus years ago, women were responsible for nurturing and delivering care to children and those family members who were…show more content…
Army Staff Sgt. Alex Dillmnn said “his wound dressing wasn't changed often enough nor would he get pain medication promptly”, due to the over worked and short staffed nurses (Peters-Smith, 2012). This is very similar to what Renfrey Memorial Hospital is experiencing, the nurses are being over worked except for the inadequate care. What the VA did to solve their situation was become less picky and started hiring those recent graduates. As the current members grow older within the nursing profession, the need for skilled nurses increases. Of the hospitals surveyed in Florida, 89 percent said they would hire straight out of school and 29 percent have nurse residency programs to continue their training after school (Peters-Smith, 2012). This has decreased the shortages of nurses within their facilities. The recent graduates may not have much experience, but they have to start somewhere. Wesley Medical Center of Wichita Falls, Kansas is also experiencing a shortage of nurses as well. After doing research, Wesley Medical Center came to the decision to pay nurses more. This helped retain more nurses while giving the baby boomers a chance to retire with no hassle for a while. It gave the retiring nurses a chance to retire without looking back and thinking they let the business down, or the hospital has a shortage because of them. However this plan backfired. The nursing school of Wichita University housing the graduates who come to Wesley Medical Center for a job was

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