Mis Project Management At First National Bank

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MIS Project Management at First National Bank
Summary of Findings Despite First National Bank (FNB) is one of the fastest growing banks in Midwest, during the created and implement the Information Services Division (ISD), in its project management some problem can be identified. The following these factors are the primary deficient of the project has been tabled: 1) The decision-making process of ISD is too long and high temporal cost of Priority Committee; 2) The organizational structure is not a matrix; 3) The project manager faced many difficulties and challenges; 4) Low involvement of user department. The researchers Pretorius, Steyn, and Jordaan (2012) in their present that “project management success is dependent on the following …show more content…

“A matrix organizational structure represents the middle ground between functional and project structures. Personnel often report both to a functional manager and one or more project managers” (Schwalbe, 2014). In the CDB project Corporate Banking, Corporate Trust, and Consumer banking involve to this project. Project Management Office is a good way to coordinate the contradiction between those divisions.
The project manager faced many difficulties and challenges
The project manager’s authority is too low, has a short time to review the project proposal, difficult communicate with the user department and receive less support from senior management. Additional, the project manager lack of human resources, employees were understaffed, and no senior analysts were available. It is difficult to implement the project in this satiation that lack of support, less time and too much task. Therefore, the project management office is extremely critical. The project management office can build their project managers team, hire temporary employees and senior analysts in need.
Low involvement of user department Use also is the customer of the project, is the essential project stakeholders. A success project should accept by the customer (Kerzner,2004). It is very important to getting users involved in the project. However, in

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