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Group Assignment 2:

SK, Chapters 5-9 of Schiffman.

Compare and contrast as to how two (2) aspects or theories of consumer behaviour as discussed in Schiffman applies to this country and how it differs from that in Australia. Show how this may provide a marketing opportunity for an Australian exporter.

This document contrasts the theories of both the Family as a social unit, and Social class, representing a person’s prestige, and discusses how these two theories differ when applied to the Australian and South Korean (SK) society and culture. Also discussed is how these theories may provide a marketing opportunity for an Australian exporter when branching out into the overseas market of SK. The comparison of a
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The study explains this process of Customer Complaint Behaviour (CCB) and finds that it is extensively helpful in discovering how and why cultures differ in the way they consume. Due to such desires to recognize how family values shape purchase behaviors, there is an escalating demand in the business world “to understand and respond more effectively to consumers ' dissatisfactions” (Kotler, P. 2000).
In terms of the foundations of family, the structure, composition and functions of the family determine the way in which they view products. SK culture is no exception to this. To understand the typical family life of SK, it is interesting to see how they respond to products which don’t satisfy them, posing the question “are customers in countries with non-western cultures more or less likely to engage in complaining?”, thus explicating the differences in the ways in which the differing cultures are brought up and taught to behave.
The survey results demonstrated that Western respondents (from America in this instance) were more prone to partaking in voice responses, as opposed to the vast majority of SK participants who prefer to express private responses. Not to be mistaken, due to the collectivist culture, SK respondents showed a typicality to share the negative experience with family specifically as an aid to their community and its members. With the internet’s prevalence nowadays in both cultures, “the voice and private response
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